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About Us

Pic Construction | Building Contractors
FOUNDER (Managing Director)
lon Pendus

I have been working within the Construction Industry for more than twenty years.
I am a highly motivated individual who has a passion for delivering all types of construction projects. Prior to founding PIC Construction Group Ltd, I founded PIC Interiors UK Ltd and due to the company’s extensive expansion in undertaking all types of construction projects re-branded as PIC Construction Group Ltd in 2021.
Working within the industry for a number of years that I have, I have experienced all types of projects within a wide range of sectors including residential, hospitality, commercial, facades, healthcare and student accommodation sectors.
I have a management team with over 80 years plus experience within the Construction Industry who support me in the delivery of all projects.

PIC Construction Group Ltd was established in April 2009 and is one of the UK’s most experienced building contractors. We work in all sectors not limited to but including the commercial, residential and hospitality in both the private and public sectors. We act as the Main Contractor but also undertake work as a sub-contractor.
The founder of PIC Construction Group Ltd (Ion Pendus) was inspired to form the company to provide a service like no other contractor currently within the industry, providing an innovative, knowledgeable, dynamic and effective service whilst always trying to exceed the Client’s expectations.
PIC Construction Group Ltd are construction professionals and are recognised as one of the leading construction companies within the sector, with a wealth of directly employed skilled tradesmen (up to 300) enabling us to meet our Client’s requirements, needs and expectations in a timely cost-effective way.

Pic Construction | Building Contractors